Monitor the health of your team and manage your workforce through COVID-19

ZeSight is a platform for real-time symptom monitoring, analysis and risk prediction which are critical during disease outbreaks such as COVID-19.

See what our daily COVID-19 tracker will look like for your people.

ZeSight Dashboard

The ZeSight platform automatically contacts individuals at specific time points via email or SMS to check their health status and collects temperature readings via the mobile app or web.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a local sporting organisation ZeSight can help you:


Identify individuals with COVID-19 symptoms and take proactive measures to keep your team safe.


Capture real-time health status and working conditions of your team.


Assess the capacity and resilience of your workforce.


Remote Health Monitoring

Keep the pulse of your organisation by capturing your team's health status using online questionnaires sent via email or SMS*.


Instant Alerts

Automated alerts are sent when high risk information for COVID-19 is reported so you can respond promptly.


Capture Work Status

Keep track of working conditions and the location of your team so you can understand risks and manage your workforce proactively.

*SMS offered in the paid version only.

Quick and Easy Set‑up

ZeSight is fast and easy to set-up with no app download or installation required.

  1. 1

    Upload Individuals

    Upload via CSV file or add people manually.

    Upload Individuals
  2. 2

    Collect Responses

    Each individual receives a link via email or SMS and completes the assessment remotely.

    Collect Responses
  3. 3

    Monitor Results

    Aggregate data is shared to support decision making and used to track the impact of preventative measures.

    Monitor Results
  4. 4

    Take Action

    Live reporting, dashboards can be used for effective planning and workforce management.

    Take Action




Up to 20 individuals



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